Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, the horror!

Most horrible thing witnessed in my nursing career thus far..

So after my confused patient had a very uneventful night, his bed alarm sounded. By the time I responded, he is in the middle of the room. Normally, this wouldn't be too big of a deal, however, there's a catch. He had a foley in, and apparently while walking, pulled it out.

After this incident, which had me cringing from the thought of pulling a foley out, I of course had to inspect the site. Apparently, on the underside, his penis had split...

This was quite possibly the most gruesome thing I think I'd ever seen. I've seen ripped off arms, dehisced surgical wounds, but I think I was about green for this one.

Anyways, in response, it turns out his penis was partially split anyway and this just finished the job. Either way, there wasn't any blood. You could still see the urethra further back from the split, and since the patient had a urology appointment today anyway, we just decided to have a doc take a peek until the appointment.

Most horrendous thing I've ever seen... and especially if your relieving nurse is a male, if your patient's penis looks like a split hotdog at the ballpark, let him know so he's not walking into it blind!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paper Charting

Making my first graduate nurse post, I'd like to give my thoughts on the EHR, or Electronic Health Record for those nursing students. In comparison to paper charting, I only have one comparison:


In my current job as a nurse, at an acute inpatient rehabilitation center, we use strictly paper charting. I can honestly say I'm pretty happy with getting this experience, however, I just gotta say it totally sucks.

It's not the pre-carpal tunnel pains I'm feeling in my penmanship hand that's my primary reasoning; it's efficiency. I'm paid a pretty penny to take care of my patients. I'm sure that my corporate office would like to see all of their monies they kick my way go for patient care, however, that's just not the case. I spend nearly half of my time each night creating worksheets from scratch, or filling in daily or weekly forms.

Whether I'm writing a report sheet, or filling out multidisciplinary conference forms, I feel that all this paperwork could be easily generated with some decent EHR software. Why should I spend as much time as I do chart-diving when EHR software would easily generate these forms for me?

I think the key to this is training, training, training. I work with a bunch of older nurses and I think there may be a few hold-outs. This is more of a rant that a full blown article, however, I'd love to see an even wider range of use when it comes to EHR software.

For clinicals, I participated in a pretty sweet McKesson software based acute hospital. It was awesome, quite frakly. Well...not really, but in comparison to the documentation methods I use where I work now, it's like comparing tin cans with string to high-speed cable internet.

Here's to hoping rehab and LTC facilities start to see the light. Less paperwork time means better patient care. Better patient care means more of those sweet 100% score satisfaction surveys.

Any readers care to share their thoughts on the EHR?

Blog Change

New career. New blog style, new blog name. Look for a new domain with redirect coming soon! All student blog posts will be retained and archived.

Finally made it...

First post in six months... I know, I know, so sue me.

Well quite a bit has happened. First and foremost, I passed my class. I did it, I graduated nursing school! We had quite the party and the local drunk bus had to come pick me up. It was a fairly epic evening.

However, I still need to complete the NCLEX-RN. Mailing in my papers tomorrow. Then I get to sit. Then, hopefully, I'll be in RN mode :)