Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Okay, so I'm back, my blog has a new name and a new domain!

If you haven't already figured it out, I passed my NCLEX-RN boards! Two clues would have been that number one, I can afford my own domain name now, and two, I haven't really had any time to post.

My divorce with my cheating bitch of an ex-wife is done and over with, now we are just fighting out custody for my son. And get this... three months after the divorce, this dumb ass is married yet again, to the same douchebag who she was with while I busted my ass in nursing school and managed to pay our bills. Oh well, you live and you learn. I'm happier now that I've completed nursing school than I've been in a long time. Get my son out of that weird ass Jerry Springer white trash situation and I'll be doing fantastic.

Nursing school was definitely worth it. Definitely. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but now that's it's done, I've got a really great career. That's a good thing. That's not to say it's not without its downfalls though. It's stressful.

I see a big difference between LPN and RN, even though at first it didn't appear to be a big difference. Speaking about technical skills, it's not very different. However, the big difference comes in with the paperwork. Apparently, there are many... many forms that require an RN signature. There are careplans that need to be done (GAWD I hoped I'd seen the last of those; no such luck). It's just a stressful bitch of a job at times. At least the LPN to RN pay raise was worth the extra schooling.

Hopefully in a month or two I'll have saved up enough into a nice, new apartment. I'm currently rooming with two graduate students who smoke a ton of pot and watch ESPN all day long. It's been a fun ride, but I think I'd rather get a new place with a little more privacy and a little more kid-friendly for my son. Extra privacy for my awesome girlfriend :)

Anyhow there's a little personal update about me. I got a ton of responses regarding my personal issues I made in previous blog posts, so I figured what the hell. I'll be probably posting some stuff that's actually nursing-related in the near future, so keep reading!


Cartoon Characters said...

Glad to hear you are in a better place as far as the relationship goes....Good luck with the custody issue.

I was an LPN prior to RN and found a big difference in the responsibility end of it. The paperwork wasn't as bad back then, so I can't comment on that. Definitely it's out of control now.

All you need is real estate. Should be lots out there at bargain prices ...good luck with that! :)

JM said...

I was thinking you dropped off the face of the planet! but congrats on passing the NCLEX-RN exam! do you already have an RN job lined up?

Jessica M

Rick said...

Thanks! Looking for an apartment now. Hopefully all ends well. I'm stuck up to ears in debt from the divorce.

Means more work = more garnishments and taxes = even MORE work <sigh)

gldean said...

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