Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arrangements for Next Semester

Ok, first and foremost, I got out of my living situation. Left the wife and now am living with my mom, who needs a little extra help due to some health issues. This is great in some respects, kinda crappy in others. Basically, I miss my son...

Continuing on and beginning to think about school again, I had to have a damn background check done (again) to have clinicals in a particular retirement home. Passed with flying colors!!

This semester really will be the last of the RN portion and I'll done! Complete with a degree, an RN license, and all that. I really want to get back into night school for my BSN and eventually MSN in FNP. I can't hardly wait.

This semester is essentially my "miscellaneous" course. There's going to be rotations in school nursing, advanced peds (NICU), and taking over an entire wing of a nursing home. This one is historically much easier than the class I just passed which was the advanced med-surg class.

I really feel like I'm on the home stretch. This is great all my work seems to be paying off; I just hope my living situation doesn't cause too much of a distraction for me; it's a tough situation to be having going on while wrapping up nursing school.

Until next post, and thanks for all the great advice I received last post!


Estelle Darling said...

Rick, I am so happy that you got out of that situation. It would have just sucked the life out of you. As for your son, just remember that he is why you are working so hard for this.

We are basically at the same point in our nursing school careers. I'm in the last semester of my ASN program as well [127 days away from graduation]. ♥ My classmates that just graduated told me that this is the easiest semester of the whole program. I *cannot* wait.

Rick said...

That's awesome... Being at the end is a GOOD feeling! Finally feels like I can really begin my life!!!

As for leaving... BEST. DECISION. EVER! I'm healthier, excluding a major uptick in my beer consumption, and less stressed!

Estelle Darling said...

Third semester almost ruined me. I HATED it. We had Adult Nursing 2 and Maternal-Child nursing. Everyone before us said that it is our make or break semester but I had no idea how rough it would actually be. So yeah, I can relate to the increased alcohol consumption. But I bypassed the beer for straight tequila or whiskey. I think now that the worst of the program is over, my liver can start to recover. lol

Hey, how far away are you from your NCLEX-RN? If you email me, I can send you some study material that I have (pdf files of a few NCLEX workbooks). Us nursing students gonna stick together. ;-)
Take care, doll.

truffbetold said...

Dude, your scaring me. I start Nursing school this semester. I have been talking to my wife about the amount of responsibilities she will have once school begins. I don't think she really understands how things will change for us in the next two years. We have a child coming in april and I'm not sure if she is ready for that challenge. Reading your last blog had me feeling your wife is a really selfish person. But I know there is always two sides to every story. I am wondering if she knew/or cared about the challenges you would have as a Nursing student. I fear my wife really does not understand. Simple things like house chores can overwelm her and the child is not even here yet. I too, like you work 40-50 hours at work. This leaves me with very little time for other things. Do you have any advice for me. I want to keep my family together.

Rick said...

Best thing I can say is that if at all possible plan some family time.

I dunno exactly where things went wrong, but there were problems before nursing school, I just blamed it for pushing things over the edge.

You got a good marriage to being with before getting into this, I think you're good to go. If your marriage is kinda shaky, I'm pretty sure this stress will put it over the edge.

nurse XY said...

Congrats dude. Keep pushing through school, you can do it!

IHM said...

good luck with the Nursing Course