Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Update!

Well, it's been a long time since my last post, so I'll fill this in with what I'm doing and how I'm doing:

First of all, I lost an entire week due to three, yes three, blizzards in the course of 1 1/2 weeks. It lef tmore than 3 feet of snow on the ground in some places and I am currently still snowed in.

The snow made me lose my endoscopy rotation with no hope of rescheduling. That sucks because I was actually really looking forward to going. Hopefully nothing will ruin my OR rotation on April 14th.

Due to this, I haven't been able to receive any feedback on anything I've done thus far, so there's been little to report. I actually haven't received any grades yet.

I did take a serious test last night and it was, well, hard. Mucher harder than last semester. 28 NCLEX-style questions with 2 drug calculations. The good news: I nailed the two drug calculations. The bad news: I'm not so sure about the other 28! Mostly, you could eliminate two distractors right off the bat, but this particular test had some very nice-looking effective distractors on it. So, as usual, I'm unsure of exactly how I did.

My careplan that I wrote for my patient, which I thought was pure artwork, was completely butchered by the red-pen-of-death my clinical instructor wields. She said it is much better than p[revious ones I have done, that it was good compared to the class, but that I can do better. Exactly how, I'm not quite sure, but maybe I'll lay out my red-penned careplan next to the new one I'm going to do tonight and make the necessary improvements and pass my clinical rotation at the nursing home. However, even though sometimes I think this instructor hates me, she was nice enough to get me a more up-to-date nursing careplan book which is fantastic. It was extremely nice and I'll never forget it.

I have a test on Monday for Med-Surg nursing. This really sucks, because I'm doing clinical in the nursing home, I don't have any Med-Surg patients unlike the other half of my class which does have Med-Surg patients. Med-Surg is really cool, and I like it much better than long term care. My grandfather, also a CRNA, often calls nursing homes, "God's waiting room. Just be patient and he'll call your number shortly."

The bulk of studying now has been the sexuality section. Talk about awkward. Not exactly a subject I want to approach with the elderly patients I typically get. Nor would one of my female patients care to hear me teach her about the importance and specific technique to do a breast self exam (BSE) post-op for a total hip replacement.

I have another patient to assess tonight and another careplan to write. I get to choose one out of five clinical rotations to write a graded careplan for and I think I might choose this week to get the nursing home graded careplan out of the way. This instructor's particularly eccentric grading rubric concerns me though. If I get through it ok I only have one week left at the nursing home, a mid-term skills check the following week, and a transfer to the Med-Surg department of the hospital for the remainder of the class.

Another cool thing I realized is that I'm being taught at an RN-level, even though I'll graduate this summer with my certificate to be an LPN and sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. There are no assessment questions on the NCLEX-LN, however, I have been doing assessment since day one of Nursing 101. Also, checking out a NCLEX-LN review book, I feel that I can pretty much slam most of the questions. I feel that I'm more on the NCLEX-RN level with my schoolwork, and my school has boasted an NCLEX-LN exam pass rate of 100% for several years running now.

Well, until next post!