Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Professional Successes... Personal Failures

Well, in case everyone is wondering, I made it through my advanced Med-Surg nursing course by the skin of my teeth! I was literally four questions away from having to repeat the class!

Next is my community nursing course. I will be starting this mid-January and completing it in May. Then I have a 6 week microbiology course to take before I can sit for boards (again...) Time really flies... I feel like I literally just sat for my PN boards and I'm gearing up for the RN boards.

Work has been getting better as I become more accustomed to the paperwork system. I'm starting to get much better and much more confident when giving medicine and calling the doctor about certain issues. All in all, the experience is more positive than it has been.

Well it's also official that I'm getting separated. My wife's male "friend" has helped set up Christmas lights and done all sorts of other family type things that I should be doing but can't due to work and school. I feel that this is a major crossing of boundaries. Christmas at this point in time doesn't even feel like Christmas; it feels like a problem I just need to throw money at until it goes away. It's sad that we live in a day and time that the final word is on a relationship is your relationship status on Facebook... Mine is now, unfortunately, separated.

When I have a little more time I think I'll post the entire marital issue I'm having just so I can get it off my mind and see what all my commenters think, since I get quite a bit of blame from my wife even though I just don't see it.

May my next post be much prompter! :)


CeeCee said...

I was also 4 questions away from having to repeat Med-Surg and my whole 3rd semester. I am so happy I am crying right now. Congrats.

CeeCee said...

And I posted that first comment after only reading your first paragraph. I'm sorry about your personal situation right now with your family. It's terrible. I know how much of my life is sucked up by school and work. I'm sorry that she isn't able to see that good things will come from this...... focus on the successes right now! And rest up for the next semester.

Jessica Mac said...

Aw crap. at least when you finish school it'll all be worth it! and you'll be making much more money then your past jobs =)

and you can buy a lot more things! :D

Kendra said...

I'm real sorry about your situation with your wife. We were talking in class one day - jokingly - that nursing school is a relationship killer. I think we were all thinking that it wouldn't happen to any of us...but coming across a real example adds some reality to that conversation.