Friday, November 12, 2010


My little issue with the blood transfusion got squashed. I was not in trouble for the miscommunication, however, I did get a verbal warning for not reporting off. There were no points deducted off my grade, thankfully. I do agree with the verbal warning about failure to report and the instructor at least understood why I didn't think I had to. All in all, I'm happy it is resolved. I mut admit I did tell my instructor I was dropping the class if I got point deductions (which was totally a bluff) but hey, at this point, I'm ready to play dirty to get done.

Now that this is resolved, I really need a good grade on the next exam. I don't want to have to study furiously for a final to bring my grade above failing. The next exam is going to be easier than the last, which included 11 different diseases. This one is essentially just cancer and spinal cord injury. I've been telling people that to ensure passing I will do the following:

  1. Read all the chapter in the book pertaining to cancer.
  2. Make an outline from the book.
  3. Study note cards.
  4. Hang out with people who have cancer.
  5. Volunteer at the oncology ward.
  6. Attempt to give myself cancer to better understand it.

Seriously though, it's really freaking me out. However, in the first medical-surgical nursing class the final was fairly easy. I got a 95% on it. Hopefully, the final comprehensive exam is not quite in-depth as the chapter ones... this has been the general trend.

We lost another student yesterday. This class is starting to dwindle just like the first Nursing 101 class.

Also, tomorrow is the last day of my corporate job. I'm very excited to be changing careers, but a little nervous as well.

Until next time... I'm stressed to the max!


nurse XY said...


My philosophy of reading everything *before* lecture never once let me down.

Rick said...

Yeah no room for error now; feels like I used up my one "whoops" this semester.