Friday, October 29, 2010

Skills Check Passed

Another gripe I forgot to mention about the other day's bullshit skills check was that the room was double-booked and I got to do my skills check in a room with an entire class of overweight, loud, sweaty, redneckish EMS students migrating in.

Today, I redid the procedure in front of my instructor, who I might add agrees that I have reason to be pissed. Anyhow, she apologized for the crappy situation and while it certainly doesn't add the two points back to my grade, it's at least nice to know that my frustration was recognized and that I am not being unreasonable.

It is what it is. I'll get over it. I've got grade points to spare... for now.

In other news, I will be officially starting my orientation as LPN tomorrow night at the subacute rehabilitation facility. I feel pretty lucky getting a job that is essentially like working on a med-surg floor. I'm so excited, I decided to buy a new sport watch from eBay and a pair of scrubs from Uniform Advantage. When you are cheap as hell like me, you'll enjoy these websites for a variety of things.

Next semester, I think I'll use any leftover scholarship/Pell grant money to get a decent stethoscope. I'm thinking either Cardiology III or Master Cardiology. Can't decide which is better; I'll probably just check the forums at for the general consensus. If you are a nursing student reading this or a pre-nursing student, a big piece of advice is to get a good stethoscope. The difference is absolutely amazing. Superior equipment is no substitute for inferior skill, however, the difference is more than noticeable. Sometimes those damn crackles (damn, I mean rales, my nursing instructor would kill me) are just not easy to hear!

Until next time!


Jessica Mac said...

thnx for the advice!

CeeCee said...

Ugh.. Ditto on the scope! I bought one from the uniform store.. it was pretty and pink and $20. That lasted about 4 weeks. Then I got the Littmann Lightweight. It's actually pretty good. And w/ a price tag of about $50/60, for the value, it's the best bet. I'm also using a Littmann Master Classic II. I like it alot, but it doesn't have a small bell. So, it's great for lungs, but I use the lightweight for heart and other low sounds. I have a friend who uses the Cardiology III - go for that one, again, for the small bell.

Congrats on passing!

Rick said...

Thanks! I'm still trying to decide. Not too many places are willing to let me stick 'em in my ears though for testing purposes LOL

safik said...

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Abdur said...

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