Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Official!

Apparently tired of watching YouTube and apparently out of coffee, my state BON has reviewed my documentation and officially awarded me an active nursing license number! It's official... from here on out and forever-more (at least until this summer) I am an LPN for life!

Tonight's test is pretty compehrensive. I've got a test on the liver and immunologic diseases. Unfortunately, my teacher, who is pretty awesome, allowed a student teacher, a girl going for her MSN as a nurse educator, to teach the liver section. In my opinion, this was way too complicated a section for her to be teaching. All of the different hepatotoxic drugs, the dietary requirements, and the pathological differences between diseases of the liver, such as Laennac's cirrosis, as opposed to acute liver failure (ALF), was I think a bit over her head. She had difficulty pronouncing basic physiological terms, such as the renin-angiotensin system, which I'm very familiar with due to having a ton of patients on ACE inhibitors. Not to mention her tone was Ben-Stein-like in its monotonicity.

In personal news, my marriage is pretty much officially over. I don't really know how it came down to this, but my constant absence from home due to insane work and school schedules has pretty much made my wife resent me and she currently has an inappropriate relationship with another man. I continue to live at home dealing with this while attending nursing school and it's making my stress level go through the roof. I would have thought she could have waited for my school to end and then everything would have been better than it ever was, however, I guess she just could not cope. I expect to be moving out of our home either in January between semesters, or in June after the conclusion of my RN year.

I understand her needing someone home to help with my son and her kids, however, I feel that my schooling was supposed to be hard for both of us. It's hard for me due to constant deadlines and boatloads of work; it is hard for her because the running of the house, school functions, bill paying, her part-time job as nurse tech, and other things fell solely on her to handle independently. However, I feel that I am the only one that kept up my end of the bargain; I did, so far, what I set out to do. I feel like she got overwhelmed and sought comfort and help in someone else. And I'll just go on the record and say I feel that what I have been going through with this crazy ass work and school schedule was way harder than running a household.

Anyhow, I truly believe I'll be a better person for all of this. I will have a career that can support my family, namely my son and ailing mother, and as a plus I will get to help people on a daily basis. I'll wager to say that this whole experience has been worth it; it showed me how fragile my marriage really was and it showed me that the person I want to be with needs to be more independent and self-sufficient. I think her choice to seek outside "companionship" is just a reflection of her co-dependence.

Oh well, it is was it is, but I worked very hard to get here and with my RN licensure on the horizon, I refuse to take my eyes off the prize now.


nurse XY said...

Congrats on your licensing, that's awesome.

Sorry to hear about your marriage. That really sucks.

Jessica Mac said...

Congrats on finally being a LPN, I can say that I recently found your blog and I've read every single entry within a span of 5 days.

Keep up the good work with school!

Rick said...

Thanks guys! Yeah it's like a bitter sweet victory.