Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Night as LPN

One thought sums up my first night as an LPN.

Wow... That's a ton of paperwork. A TON.

I never realized exactly how much. There is at least three ways we are required to double (I guess, technically, triple) check our MARs. Handwritten orders which I can't read. Double-checked against MARs that may or may not accurately describe what is on said order. I have to make up info sheets for my CNAs with information pulled from the chart and kardex.

I have to handwrite notes on each and every patient every 3 hours; even overnight. I have to document medication administration and teaching. I participate in planning a my patients' interdisciplinary careplan with other people (ST, OT, and PT).

It's quite a bit of work; more than I initially thought. However, I do have a thought to all current nursing assistants: nurses really aren't just lazy; the paperwork really does take all friggin' night to get done!

I also got to do my first official sterile procedure: a straight catherization of a female patient with over 700mL left in her bladder according to the bladderscan machine. I missed. I didn't feel so bad that I missed because even the other nurse that was orienting me couldn't get it in. We had to get a more seasoned staff nurse to insert it. The realization is pretty obvious to me now that all that anatomy and physiology I learned doesn't mean jack; gravity is pretty cruel because later in life, anatomically speaking, things just ain't where they supposed to be. A little tip I learned from the "pro" was that the urethra on a female blanches white when hit with the betadine swab.

All in all though it was a good night. I got to do some basic skills, get some stuff signed off as competent, and I'm going back tonight for round two.


mmpatrick67 said...

Just found your blog ... very interesting to hear from a "real person" going through nursing school. You must be very proud to keep up all the hard work with marital problems, too. Keep it up it will certainly be worth it.

Rick said...

Hope so thanks for the comment man.