Saturday, October 30, 2010


I got to sit through a lecture from a professor, and the head of my nursing program, about doing a BSN program at the local university.

My thoughts? Too soon... way too soon! Talking to me about a BSN right now is like making fun of your friend who got killed doing something retarded... it's funny, but not for at least a year after it happened. Same general idea with this BSN degree; it might happen, just not for at least another year.

Although it peaks my interest... imagine... me... with a Bachelor's degree. Even better, another two years and I get a Master's. The local university has a family nurse practitioner track. That would be sweet. Real sweet.

For now though, I'm just thinking about getting this ADN done and the NCLEX-RN. But it doesn't hurt to think what that actually makes possible. Me... as a primary care practitioner. It boggles my mind! The more I think about it, the more I think I made a really good career choice!


Rosh said...

I am incredibly late catching up with my blog readings but I just wanted to say I totally feel you on this one.

I already have a bachelor's in another field so I wanted the quickest and cheapest route to become an RN, which is going for the ASN. I still think I will eventually end up with a BSN somewhere done the line...just not anytime in the near future!

schoolofnursingonline said...

I was interested in looking into getting a BSN degree and am looking for advice from those that have gone before me. It seems that if I do not want to always be on the code brown watch that getting more education can be a good step.