Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've taken the NCLEX-PN!

I took the NCLEX-PN examination at a Pearson Vue testing center yesterday. Let me guide you through that experience.

First of all, if you think you've had test anxiety before, you are totally wrong. This is like panic-level anxiety when you realize you are about to take this thing.

First, I show up about 15 minutes early. I wait for some old guy to come to the desk. When he does, I have to provide my identification and my ATT (authorization-to-test) form. My fingers were then scanned. I then had to place my palm on some sort of reader.

I eventually get to the test station, do the tutorial, and begin.

Nothing... I repeat nothing, can prepare you for this test. The topics are varied, the answers all look great. My test shut off fairly quickly after like 85 questions.

I'm legally bound to not say what was on my test, so I'm going to honor that, but I will say that a complete knowledge of the nursing process is completely necessary.

I'm sure I failed it. Sure. Until I learned about a trick...

Affectionately coined the "PVT Trick", has probably well over a thousand people that this trick has worked for.

I got the good "pop-up". Hopefully the results will coincide with me getting the message all the people who have passed got. I was very skeptical, however, nearly everyone who failed the test (God bless them) were able to pay for a new test... I was not.

So the waiting has been unbearable. I feel like I failed it. I've wanted to pretty much vomit all day yesterday and for the first half of today! I won't actually believe totally I passed it until I see it... It's been excruciating!

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nurse XY said...

My thoughts are that you would have to have to be unconscious to fail it in that few of questions. If you attended any of your classes at all, you'd make it much further into the question bank to fail it.

Relax man, you passed. Great job!