Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tough Times

The closer I get to the end of nursing school (the LPN part anyhow), the more my personal life seems to fall apart.

Continued troubles with my wife always weigh heavily on my mind, but my mother, who lives alone and has a seizure disorder, has been acting very strangely. Personally, I suspect Dilantin toxicity or a grand mal seizure occurred in the last week. She has been calling, crying, saying she wants to be with dad (who died about eight months ago) and she has been refusing my repeated attempts to take her to the hospital. If someone can state their wishes, and does not want to go to the hospital, you cannot make them go. This has been an endless source of frustration for me. I suppose I could attempt to petition the court for an EP, however, I'm sure doing such would completely ruin my relationship with my mother because the last time I did it she didn't speak to me for a over a year.

Couple this with the fact I'm quickly running out of money is making me concerned to say the least. Bills are getting out of control, partly due to the fact I'm in school and making less money at my main job and spending more money to fund my school adventure.

I've been unable to afford my textbook, which is pretty pivotal to me passing the test that I need to take at about 6pm this afternoon. I'm going to study my class notes and hope that there is no questions pulled from the text we didn't cover in class.

This weekend, I worked overnights at one job and days at the other, making me get a total of six hours of sleep between Saturday morning and Monday evening.

I'm really at wits end attempting this school thing. I definitely am not quitting, but I feel like all this stress is going to give me a nervous breakdown: lack of sleep, a crazy mother, an evil (at times) wife, and a severe lack of money which is quickly catching up with me.

T minus 9 weeks until NCLEX-PN eligibility... Hope I make it that far!

P.S. I love the cartoon I posted because the 'due date', cigarettes, coffee, and laptop issues are definitely me at this point in time!

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