Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keep on Truckin...

Sorry for the lack of recent posts... Life has been crazy, and so has class.

Recently, I finished my pediatric rotation. I really liked this; kids are great! Something negative things I've noticed is that it's really difficult to keep your mouth shut when you see things going on with the parents.

For example, I had a 7-month old little girl with a mild case of pneumonia. Not RSV, croup, pertussis, or one of the other respiratory supervillians, but just a case of regular, mild (at best) pneumonia. There was no emergency; however, the mom, a young girl, probably still in her teens, demanded the baby stay longer. She remained on her Boost prepaid cellphone nearly the entire time (she must have had the unlimited plan). She apparently had one or two more kids and was loving the fact that her "baby daddy" had to take care of them while she was in the hospital. She also loved the fact that nurse's were taking care of her baby and bringing her refreshments whenever she wanted. She did not appear to be worried at all. She even went so far at one point as to suggest that the nurses needed to change her babies diapers more often as she sat on the couch in the room talking to god-knows-who.

The class itself is pretty straight forward. I've compared it to med-surg on little people. Learn the stages of development (pretty easy and mostly common sense) and the childhood diseases (a little harder, but not that difficult). There's a little more content to the mother-baby and L&D portions, but even that's not really all that difficult. It's definitely not nearly as hard as my med-surg class.

The biggest revelation for me at least this semester has been that any of the mother/baby departments: Labor and Deliver, Mother Baby, or Peds, is that this isn't a happy time for everyone. For every labor and birth that the whole family shows up with balloons, cards, and gifts, four more children are born without fathers, without extended family, born addicted to drugs, and/or born into weird situations (such as incest, rape, adoption, etc.) I really thought this would be a totally positive experience; however, you have to realize that situations like this are far more common than you'd believe.

Labor and Delivery rotation so far is pretty much a joke for me. I don't even think my clinical instructor is attempting to even get me a patient. I can't complain though, because truth be told, I have little interest in having a patient in labor. I think birth is pretty cool, it doesn't make me queasy or anything, but with only one more week of class left, my feelings won't be hurt if I don't get a patient. I already wrote a careplan on a fictitious patient anyhow!

As far as my grades go, I've pretty much been slam dunking this class; it's not very hard. Three papers, all 95% or greater and one test I got an 84% on. I took another exam yesterday and I'm pretty sure I did good on that too. Technically speaking, I only have my final exam left for this class and then I'm done.

I also got my acceptance to the RN program. It is essentially two six credit classes that run from Septmeber through April. After that, it's NCLEX-RN time baby! My good grades even nabbed me a space in the limited-availablity evening program; only sixteen slots were available.

Another seven weeks and I'm done with the first portion... the beginning/middleish of August, I'll be ready to take my NCLEX-PN!


It's just me :) said...

Congrats on the acceptance letter! You are making great progress. :)

Joey said...

As a new RN who has worked on the floor for a few weeks in Peds (and 3 1/2 years as a PCA in Peds) I can TOTALLY relate to the parents in Peds. I think dealing with parents is about 75% of the job, really. You certainly have to use restraint when taking care of these little patients and it sucks to see they are going home to such a horrible home life. But watching them get better, it's all worth it :)