Friday, April 30, 2010

Reiki Master

I had the privilege of having a Reiki master in my other job today.

This is great for two reasons: first, I always wanted to see if that crap worked and second, it was a great way to experience an alternative therapy.

It just so happens I have a condition (and I use that term very loosely) called "Mouse Hand". It's basically shoulder pain related to overextension of the arm while using a computer mouse day in and day out for the last eight years.

Well, she did the whole Reiki thing, which I admittedly didn't give much weight to, and I tried to have an open mind, and... I'll be damned, but it made my shoulder feel a hell of alot better! It was very strange; I distinctly felt heat from inside my shoulder.

Alternative therapies are absolutely great and this one really astounded me that I actually felt something. I totally thought it was going to be some sort of hoo-doo voo-doo that was all talk, but I definitely felt better and my shoulder has felt fine for a few hours now.

Interesting experience to say the least!


Pamela Miles said...

Thanks for giving Reiki a chance, and for sharing your experience. It's especially interesting that you mentioned feeling heat from inside your shoulder, because Reiki treatment is balancing and thereby optimizes self-healing.

I'd like to add that Reiki isn't really an alternative treatment; it's an adjunctive or complementary treatment. Reiki combines well with any conventional medical care that is needed, but as you experienced, it can be very helpful on its own.

Pamela Miles said...

Rick, as a nursing student, you may be interested to see the peer-reviewed medical papers on Reiki that are available at

Rick said...

Thanks Pamela! It was a very rewarding experience. Very strange it was as effective as it is.

Funny thing is my shoulder still "clicks", however, 24 hours later, the pain is still minimal.

I'd definitely recommend it to the open-minded; I'm definitely as skeptical as they come.

Rick said...

I'm linking to your blog site Pam, it's filled with some great info!

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