Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Passed Final Quiz!

Got my final skills grade: 83%!!!!

This means I very easily could get a 'B' in the entire class with a 75.5% on the final exam! Super excited!!! Plus a two week vacation before summer classes start! HELL YEAH!!

May 17th is the start of my 6 1/2 week mother/baby/peds rotation. That will be really cool; maybe I'll even get to see a baby being born!

I'll report back the torture session that is the final exam! Until then, see ya!


Chris said...

You're really lucky. It sounds like your school is much more well-rounded than mine. We aren't being graded on skills this semester. Clinical doesn't give us a grade or a pass/fail. It's just something we do. Our entire grade is determined by exams.. which don't follow NCLEX format. It's exhausting.

Rick said...

That sounds odd; I used to be a straight A 4.0 student until my tests started being in NCLEX-style! You have to like change the way you think to get these right.