Sunday, April 25, 2010

Final Mile

Well, I'm nearly done with the class.

I'm nearly going insane because of the pressure at this point. I've completed nearly everything, just one quiz and the final exam are left. I hope Skills Quiz#4 or the Final Exam are not off-the-chart difficulty.

I need to get approximately a 60% on both my final skills quiz and my final exam for the entire class to proceed with the program. I'm actually doing pretty good. As long as there are no complete bombs, like Theory Exam #3, which I got a 61% on, I should be good to go.

I got to do an OR rotation the other week and it was awesome! Some people don't really like this, but it was such a cool experience. The whole team works together so incredibly great; when the surgeon closes the patient, the whole team pretty much attacks the OR and everything is cleaned up and a new patient is on the table within about 30 minutes. Everybody works together really well; surgery techs, the surgeon, and the circulating nurse.

I think a cool job would be RNFA, or Registered Nurse First Assistant, however, I don't seem to think that'd be in high demand with the whole "tech" job title for surgery. RNFAs are essentially a surgery tech with nursing schooling and education as well, which, in my opinion, would make them a better, yet more expensive, alternative to surgery techs. However, getting a hospital to pay double is another story altogether.

I found out a local university may be offering a MSN program in Nurse Anesthesia. I think this may be the eventual course I will take because the CRNA I watched during the surgery was awesome. My grandfather is also a CRNA and I honestly love that job. Hard schooling, but it's worth it!

I also passed my skills check. I performed NG tube insertion and discontinuation, foley cather insertion and discontinuation, and nasotracheal suction. These are pretty much my final skills I'll learn, and I believe I won't have to be taking anymore skills checks throughout the program. Feels good because I technically can perform nearly any nursing skill in the clinical area now; with of course the RN exceptions such as IV push medications and blood transfusion.

All in all, I'll know Wednesday or Thursday how well I performed and if I bombed out one of these last tests.

In addition to the stress of my final week of nursing school, home life isn't going that grand. I continue to fight with my wife; probably mostly related to the fact I'm simply never there. Compounding my personal problems, my mother is also not doing well; she's having some pretty serious cognitive side effects from her anticonvulsant medication. She's having difficulty coping with my father's death, on the first day of nursing school I might add, and she really needs some help getting finances and affairs in order. However, being in this intense ass program about 50 miles away from her really affects how much I'm able to help her.

I just hope this nursing thing gets by; I feel like I'm going nuts trying to stay afloat between jobs, family, and school!


parlez-vous-kiwi said...

Wow - all credit to ya. I can't imagine how difficult it is to balance all of this with normal life! Im about to start nursing school and out of all the blogs I read, yours is fascinating since you detail the actual things you study and learn rather than just stories of patients so I really appreciate your writing (especially with the lack of time you have!). I really hope you can find a way to make your life easier, you're doing so well!

Rick said...

Thanks for the comment! It's definitely tough, especially waiting for your results; that's probably the worst.