Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Kind of World This Is...

I just got confirmation that a close "family" member stole thousands of dollars of my parents social security money.

How can someone do something like this to someone else? It's one thing to steal from someone who's, I don't know, working and can support themselves. It's another thing altogether to steal from someone who's sick, elderly, and otherwise unable to carry out all of the activities of daily living without assistance. That's not just regular bad; that's a special brand of evil and I hope there's a special spot in hell for people who take advantage of trusting people who are unable to do things for themselves. And this person was someone I was good friends with all through my childhood.

When my parents would send this person to the store to get a list of items, he would buy the items on a transaction, buy some stuff for himself on another transaction, and give them the receipt for their transaction. He would wait until they were in the hospital (which unfortunately is quite often) and go on spending sprees at Best Buy and go to the beach and order pizza and beers. He also has been stealing their oxycodone pills for several months; this has been confirmed because he was actually caught with a bottle once.

Something worthy to note also is that this person has been "saved" and is definitely what I consider a "holy roller" or "bible thumper". When confronted with this issue he says, "God has been telling me to stop..." This speaks leaps and bounds for the merits of religion. Apparently people don't change; even when they're "saved" they still do whatever they want, only now they cite a bible verse before or after they do it.

I'm stuck in another dilemma. Nursing school is in my future; a career as a CNA is in my present. I want to be successful in each endeavor, however, every fiber of my being wants to beat the dogshit out of this thieving bastard. If you know me, especially if you knew me a few years ago, I'd make this a reality; not an idle threat. However, an assault charge would definitely put an end to limited success I've had so far. I'm having a difficult time coping with the fact that I'm unable to do anything about this.

Bad things, like deaths, seem to happen in threes. My wife loses her job, a family member breaks my sick parents financially, and... I'm still waiting for number three. God, I hope I don't get fired too...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun in the Sun and Potential Problems...

Life really sucks; just when you think you have a handle on things you get kicked square in the nuts by fate.

My wife lost her job due to a bogus accusation by a nursing manager who apparently just didn't mesh well with my wife and felt that she should have been doing more. My wife made great money at this job and unemployment benefits are just going to suck.

That's one thing I'm starting to love about health care; if you complain long and hard enough, you'll get someone fired, no questions asked. If my wife doesn't get another job, I don't see how I'll be able to attend nursing school this Fall, much less pay for it! Things always have a way of working themselves out so hopefully this will too.

On the plus side, I had a great time at the beach the other day with our friends. We started a grill, let the kids play, and just an all around great time.

I even broke out my kiteboarding kite for the first time in like five years. Had so much fun, I'm gonna try to get back into the whole kiteboarding thing if I can find a decent sized kite for a good price. Don't know what kiteboarding is? Check out this link on YouTube to a great demo video by professional rider Adam Koch:

Pretty cool. I hope I can get a kite and get back on the water this year! Give me some much needed R&R since I'll have to be working like a dog to make up the difference of what my wife used to.

As I continue to work, work, work and take an occasional fun day, the stack of nursing books is looming ominously on my dresser... Oh, god I'm not looking forward to the hell that will be Fall semester...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hours, Hours, Hours

Man, I'm beating myself up doing these hours! Last week, between my regular job and my overnight CNA job at the rehab hospital, I worked almost 80 hours in one week!

I'm so incredibly tired but I'm making great money. I hate working overnights, then trying to get back on a regular sleep schedule... insomnia creeps in and I can't seem to to get to sleep before 4a.m.!

Took a three hour nap before returning to work at AT&T; if I'm lucky I'll get another three hour nap before returning to work at the rehab hospital!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Patient Care Tech At Hospital

I have great news! Work at the Rehab Hospital is going good, much better than the day I had "incontinent cdif man".

However, I have an interview at the local hospital to be a patient care tech! I would be able to do everything I can do now, plus they would train me to do IVs, cathethers, EKGs, and some other cool things. Plus, if I get trained for this, a full-time position doing that is likely to pay around $40k a year per

That might make a good replacement job for the one I have at AT&T, however, the catch is that I have to be hired as a CNA for awhile before they'd train me as a tech. It's definitely worth looking into.

I had a heart-stopping moment yesterday! I had to turn in an acceptance form to the college so I could take nursing in the Fall. I had to have it in by 4pm on Friday, however, I didn't even realize this until 3:15pm! So, I had to make a mad dash from work to the college to make it just in the knick of time! Thank God for Google Calendar and its ability to sync to my iPhone!

Working crazy hours at both of my jobs continues to make me lose weight, about 15 lbs. in the past month. I'm making lots of money though; that's what I need before I enter the school program this Fall and won't be able to work as much!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I guess I've officially been taken off of orientation at my CNA job at the rehab hospital!

I've learned several important lessons about moving from a team-oriented sales/communications job to a nursing type job. I've learned two important lessons about working as a CNA!
  1. CNAs can be mean! Usually not to patients or anything, but unless you're in the click, they will refuse to answer your patient's bells, they will take things you need (like vital machines, carts, etc.) and use them for a long time, and just generally have a bad attitude towards you. If you work in a very positive work atmosphere, healthcare doesn't seem to be very friendly.
  2. If you've been accepted into a nursing program, or are in a nursing program, don't let the other CNAs you work with know! I've pissed off at least two of the CNAs that were supposed to be training me. If your local nursing school is like mine, then there are a limited number of seats in the nursing program. Most of the time, CNAs at local facilities are on a waiting and/or alternate list. When they find out, they tend to have a poor attitude and they tend to make your life more difficult every chance they get.
  3. Women are way meaner than guys! I can't stress this enough. I work almost exclusively with women, and they can be a nightmare! They talk about each other, they plot how they can make each other's lives more difficult, and they frequently argue, get each other written up, and generally just weave a pretty comprehensive web of "whose stabbing who in the back". I'd much rather work with a guys, no doubt about it!

When I realized I made my CNA mad by letting her know I was in the Fall nursing program, I was nearly immediately assigned a patient I'll just call "incontinent c. dif man". Enough said.

Within another 15 minutes, I was assigned the entire group of patients while my CNA apparently took the rest of the night off. When I asked for help, she still wouldn't help me because according to her, "You're in nursing school, so you shouldn't need help with anything."

I still like my CNA job, but damn, I won't be telling any other CNAs I'm in the nursing program!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Helpful Tips

I'm posting up some resources to help those who struggle with nursing school up. I posted a forum thread up at on the Student Assistance forum asking members to assist me and give me any advice that may give me a more successful outcome than last year.

User Daytonite gave me an incredibly detailed post pointing me to all the right places to find some great NCLEX questions, study resources, and even a critical thinking flowsheet.

Most of this stuff will make my sidebar, but you can check out the original post here.

Thanks Daytonite!

Cool Blog...

Nursing School Journey is a really cool blog that reminds me quite a bit of my blog. I remember being where this guy is and the journey doesn't really start until you get to that first class.

Check it out!

UPDATE: Let's Try This Again...

Well, I know there's been a good bit of interest in this blog, so let me give you a massive update as to my status.

First of all, I did not successfully complete my first nursing course. I withdrew on the last day that I was allowed to because my test grades. I had some family issues, money issues, and not enough time in the day to do my nursing course along with another three credit course, Nutrition.

I did not update because I took this failure pretty hard, and blogging about it was not at the top of my agenda. I've made some great progress though and here's what I've been up to for the past few months.

First of all, I decided to take a CNA course to see if this field was for me. I'm now a registered CNA/GNA in the state of Maryland and I work part-time PRN at a local rehabilitation hospital. I love my work there, and I daresay I like it more than my work as a full-time sales representative for AT&T. I work crazy hours this summer to save money for the upcoming semester of school.

I've now taken all academic classes for my first year of nursing school which will land me an LPN licensure as well a Certificate of Proficiency in Nursing. Now, I can concentrate on one nursing class at a time and no academic classes.

I also reapplied for Fall '09 admittance, and was reaccepted into the program. This time I will be working nights, which works around my schedule exponentially better. I have the same instructor, but thankfully, I don't have that hippie clinical instructor I had last year.

I passed my clinicals last semester, but it was the tests that got me. This year... I'm going to be better prepared.

I hope I nail it this year... wish me luck!