Monday, December 21, 2009

Things Nursing School Made Me Do

As I'm enjoying a month off, for any who are considering nursing school, especially if they have a job and/or family, here's a few things that jacking nursing school into my schedule made me do last semester:
  1. Stayed awake once for 34 hours; stayed up more than 24 hours multiple times.
  2. I've had to change for work in my school or clinical site's bathroom; I've changed into my student nursing scrubs at my job and go to clinicals.
  3. I've worked and/or school for more than 24 hours straight.
  4. Certain nights of the week I would only get two hours of sleep.
  5. I installed a clothing rod in my minivan; it always contains a set of casual clothes, a set of work clothes, a set of work scrubs, a set of professional clothes, a lab coat, and a set of clean nursing student white scrubs.
  6. I have a milk crate filled with soda and juice boxes in my van.
  7. I've slept for 3 hours in my van between classes and/or school and work.

If you're considering getting into nursing for the money, I've got this advice for you: find a new reason. I'd pay $60,000 a year not to have to go through this! Don't consider this whining or bitching though. I'm reminded of a quote from Lucy McLane from Live Free or Die Hard:

"...Just take a minute and dig deep for a bigger set of balls, 'cause you're gonna need 'em before we're through."

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Junior said...

DUDE!! You just scared me! I am applying to nursing school this fall!!! Im so nervous