Monday, December 28, 2009

EMTs in New York Refuse Care; Patient Dies in Bathroom

Two New York City
EMT's accused of walking away from a pregnant woman who collapsed and later died
have been suspended, city officials said today.
The two fire department
employees, Jason Green, 32,
of Long Island City and Melissa
, 32, of Queens Village, were suspended without pay as the
investigation continues into allegations they refused to help the woman because
they were on break and wanted to eat breakfast.

This is absolutely horrible. I hope that they are found guilty of criminal negligence.

When you are an EMT, nurse, doctor, or whatever, you have a moral obligation to help people in need, especially one who is collapsed in a gas station bathroom, pregnant, and having difficulty breathing.

What's the first thing we learn when prioritizing patients? It's simple as ABC. Airway, Breathing, Circulation. This poor lady obviously did not an unobstructed airway. Prioritizing means figuring out what'll kill you first; not the most painful, not the most difficult... the quickest. This is utterly ridiculous.

I absolutely love the mayor's quote when asked if burnout could have been a factor: "Burnout? They were sitting there having coffee. How could they be burnt out? They're human beings. Somebody is dying down the street and [people] say help them and they just sat there."

Bravo Mr. Mayor. Bravo.


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Sounds awful.

I wonder how common this type of thing is?

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