Friday, September 18, 2009

My NCLEX-style Tricks!

A few patterns I've noticed I feel obliged to share. My brain is physically unable to comprehend these NCLEX-style questions for some reason. I overthink, I underthink, or just regular think and don't critically think.

Here's what I figured out so far...

  1. When the question asks what should be done first, always prioritize physiologic needs over social or psychosocial needs. For example, you have eliminated two distractors and you're left with two options in a prioritization question. Feed a burn victim or bath an amputee whose is complaining his bath is running late. Feeding would be the priority since it is an important physiologic need.
  2. If you have a selection of physiologic needs, it's always prioritized by the ABCs, (Airway, circulation, breathing.) So if you have a burn victim and need to prioritize nursing diagnoses between acute pain, risk for infection, or risk for ineffective airway, the airway wins because it falls within ABC's and the others do not.
  3. If it's a therapeutic response question, never answer a client question that does not address their concern. Even if it sounds appropriate, it's wrong if it doesn't address their concern.

Hope these patterns I've noticed will help me on the tests to come...

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