Monday, June 30, 2008

What to Expect...

I just got my final grades back for a couple of academic courses for required for the nursing program, and as expected, I aced them both! Anatomy & Physiology I was one of the more difficult classes I have ever taken, not because of the difficulty on the concepts, but because of the long lists of vocabulary required (sometimes more than 100!). I applied myself as best as I could, came early, stayed late, turned in work early for extra credit, made study guides, formed study groups and generally spent most of my free time breathing, eating, and sleeping human anatomy. I definitely feel like I earned that 'A'.

A couple of things I need done before I begin the nursing program this fall:
  • A complete physical

  • Records of all my immunizations

  • Nursing scrubs, labcoat, and sneakers

  • A current CPR license for Healthcare Professionals

  • A formal letter of acceptance into the program

I begin Human Anatomy and Physiology II tomorrow. It will be another 6 1/2 weeks of pure torture. The classes are fascinating, but in several different time frames, I may be taught material on Tuesday and tested on it two days later. I'm in an accelarated summer program: this means that in two 6 1/2 week sessions, I will have completed 9 credit hours (counting a BS 1-credit course the college requires). It's been tough but the nursing program is going to be even harder. I'm trying my best in these classes because I consider it practice for the real challenge: the nursing classes.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Biggest Step: Acceptance

Ok, here's my first post on my new blog!

I was just recently accepted into a local Nursing program. It's very competitive, and I managed to beat out a few hundred applicants and snag myself one of the 64 annual slots available. I had a really high ACT score (according to their standards... I still felt I could have done better) of 29 and that got me into the program no problems!

So why nursing? Well it's the least amount of time to get the best paying job. It's very difficult schooling, so I hear, but I love challenges. I also really like the idea of doing a job that affects people in a meaningful way. I am currently a sales representative, and I feel that my working is boring, menial, reptitive, and not very mentally stimulating. Bottom line: nursing offers me a career that is more meaningful, pays great money, and challenges me in a way no other job available to me can.

And hey, I got the whole thing paid for by scholarships... not bad huh?

I'll be starting September 3rd officially, and by then I'll need to have my CPR license, a physical examination, and some uniforms. Until my next post...